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Meal Planner Pro officially launches a free end-to-end healthy meal planning solution for the whole family

October 8 2014, Vancouver – Meal Planner Pro (www.mealplannerpro.com) is a free comprehensive health and nutrition website that brings an end-to-end meal planning solution to the table. With personalized meal planning tools, over 1,450,000 recipes, and 70,000 brand name grocery products Meal Planner Pro aims to help busy families plan meals, create grocery lists, and eat healthier. Simply.

“Current online meal planning resources and content are highly fragmented, making it difficult to organize and plan healthy meals,” explains founder and CEO, Commodore Allen. "Healthy meal planning and grocery list creation is so much easier when you have everything you need in one place. With Meal Planner Pro you can plan meals and create grocery lists in half the time it took before. Saving time and making eating healthy simple are things that today’s busy families can appreciate.”

A one-stop shop for healthy solutions. From meal planning to grocery shopping, Meal Planner Pro delivers a free and comprehensive end-to-end solution for proper health management. Healthy meal planning is simplified with personalized tools and features that considers each family member’s unique dietary goals and needs. From food allergies and intolerances such as Gluten-Free to health conditions and goals such as heart health, diabetes, weight management, and athletic training to name a few.

"It was important that Meal Planner Pro help to remove some of the barriers that confront us when we try to eat healthy", Allen adds, "Today's food industry make it challenging to figure out what's helping, what's hurting, and what's hidden in the foods we eat every day. To counter this we've added some powerful nutrition analysis tools that do all the heavy lifting to reveal what's good and bad about every food product."

Meal Planner Pro's proprietary ProScore System, developed by Registered Dietitians, scores food products from 1-100 based on a products nutrition values and ingredients and how well it matches with the users preferences and nutrition goals, while the new “Healthy” button sorts products by highest scored products first in each category for easy reference.

The healthy recipe search engine offers over 800,000 of the most popular online recipes and users can add and share their own recipes. The unique Meal Planning Calendar makes planning meals weeks or even months in advance a breeze, and the extensive database of 70,000 grocery products enables users to create a complete digital grocery list. The ability to save both recipe ingredients and brand name grocery products into the same shopping list is just one of the features that differentiates Meal Planner Pro from other sites. From planning to the grocery store to the table, Meal Planner Pro offers free access to unique tools and content that empower consumers to make informed food choices and simplifies mealtime for busy families.

Time saver for busy families. Meal Planner Pro makes meal planning and preparation simple with unique time saving tools and features. Meal Planner Pro’s personalized meal planning calendar coordinates meals, recipes and ingredients needed for the week ahead.

Save your time, save your money. Shopping trips to the grocery store are made easier with Meal Planner Pro’s personalized shopping lists. Meal Planner Pro’s shopping lists ensure efficient grocery trips, reduce follow up trips for forgotten items and result in fewer unplanned purchases. With Meal Planner Pro, 1,450,000 recipes are available for free and will keep home cooked meals healthy, varied and interesting – reducing the need to spend money on take-out food or eating out.

From meal planning to grocery shopping, Meal Planner Pro set out to create the only true end-to-end solution. We combine information in an intuitive way that reduces the barriers that confront people when trying to eat healthy. Meal Planner Pro provides great content but also makes it easier for people to shop, cook, plan and stick to a healthy lifestyle.


Meal Planner Pro is a tech start up based in Vancouver, Canada and Savannah, GA. Founder and CEO Commodore Allen has demonstrated success as a web entrepreneur, with more than 20 years proven business experience. Allen founded Meal Planner Pro in 2012 as an end-to-end health and wellness meal planning site with the sole intention of making healthy meal planning easy and fun.

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1. What is Meal Planner Pro?

Meal Planner Pro is a tech start-up company based out of Vancouver, Canada and Savannah, GA. Founder and CEO, Commodore Allen created Meal Planner Pro in 2012 as a a free end-to-end health and wellness meal planning site with the sole intention of making healthy meal planning easy and fun.

2. What makes Meal Planner Pro different from the other meal planning sites on the web?

Meal Planner Pro is the only true end-to-end health and wellness meal planning site. Other sites only offer one piece of the meal planning puzzle such as recipes or consumer packaged goods or cookbooks and so on. With Meal Planner Pro, users can create a complete shopping list of healthy recipe ingredients, brand name food products, household grocery products, and everyday food staples. All from one convenient location. We then organize everything by grocery aisle. Healthy meal planning has never been easier and consumers can create their grocery lists in half the time it took them before.

Another feature that sets us apart is that users can create a health and wellness profile for each household family member. This enables users to toggle between profiles while searching recipes and food products to discover foods that fit for each family member's unique diet and nutrition needs. It's also a great feature when planning meals for visiting friends and family that may have special diet restrictions.

Meal Planner Pro is also the only site to provide users with an interactive recipe box to store all of their own recipes, favorite online recipes and favorite digital cookbook recipes. These are stored in separate folders for easy access and reference. Users can quickly and easily find saved recipes to add to their meal planning calendar and/or add ingredients to their shopping list.

3. Who created Meal Planner Pro's proprietary ProScore Sytem for scoring food products?

Our food scoring system was developed by Jennifer Livingstone who has worked as a registered dietician for the past 12 years, specializing in food service and education.

Jennifer has extensive experience with food service operations spending 10 years of her career in multi-operational organizations. Some of her broad skill set includes procurement, systems development/implementation, as well as facility design.

More recently, Jennifer has worked as an educator in a post-secondary institution providing instruction in a variety of nutrition and food service courses and is also a committee member with the College of Dietitians of Alberta.

4. What are the benefits in subscribing to Meal Planner Pro?

Meal Planner Pro is completely free for anyone to use. Simply sign up to create household profiles to unlock personalized diet and nutrition tools and features, save recipes, add your own recipes, use the meal planning calendar and create grocery lists. The free site is supported by advertising. An ad-free version of Meal Planner Pro is available for a low monthly fee. This offers users added value features and content such as exclusive recipes, larger recipe images, added recipe search options and more.

5. What about the varying nutritional information and guidelines set by the United States and Canada?

Meal Planner Pro has created two websites that take into consideration the differences in nutrition guidelines between the United States and Canada - (www.mealplannerpro.com) and (www.mealplannerpro.ca) Our system of scoring foods adheres to the latest in food sciences and each country's nutrition guidelines.

6. What is an interactive recipe box?

Meal Planner Pro’s interactive recipe box is the place where users can browse, collect and store all of their favorite online recipes – keeping them all in one convenient location. Further, our recipe box lets users search saved recipes by ingredient, course, cooking time and other filtering choices.

7. How extensive is the Meal Planner Pro food product database?

Meal Planner Pro’s extensive grocery product database includes over 70,000 brand name products. Other sites that offer consumer packaged goods (CPG) content only provide food product information. Our database aims to make grocery shopping easier for users by allowing them to research not only food products but other household grocery items as well. (laundry detergent, shampoo, etc.) All from the comfort of their own home.

8. What makes Meal Planner Pro's cookbook store different?

Our cookbook store offers health and wellness cookbooks by bestselling authors in digital format. We've partnered with Agate Publishing, recently recognized as the faster growing independent publisher in the United States, to digitize their catalogue of cookbooks for resale in our cookbook store. The benefits of digitization is that users can now save their favorite cookbook recipes into their recipe box, scale serving sizes up or down, edit each recipe and further add ingredients directly into their electronic shopping list.

Meal Planner Pro will continue to add great new titles and further enhance interactive features of digitized cookbook recipes.


Lori W. was recently diagnosed with gluten intolerance. Shocked by the news, Lori was sad to bid farewell to the gluten food she loved and felt overwhelmed with trying to figure out new ways to plan her meals that reflected her new dietary guidelines. Seeing that Lori was having trouble adjusting to her new diet, a friend suggested Meal Planner Pro to help her get back on track.

Personalized profiles

Meal Planner Pro makes it easy for people to get started by getting members to customize their profile with their dietary restrictions and nutritional preferences. Once Lori signed up for Meal Planner Pro she set her preferences to gluten intolerant and had immediate access to over 200,000 Gluten-Free recipes. Meal Planner Pro’s multiple household profiles are also handy when Lori’s sister, who is a vegetarian, comes to town. With her sister’s profile saved, Lori can quickly filter out all the recipes that are both vegetarian and gluten-free. It was easy to discover meals that are delicious, nutritious and ideal for her and her sister.

Free access to 800,000 unique delicious recipes

Planning meals with Meal Planner Pro also saves users time and money, as members can filter recipes from the site’s extensive 800,000 recipe catalogue based on the ingredients they want and don’t want. Lori uses the ingredient customization tool to ensure that she is preparing her meals properly and without gluten. With free access to the best online recipes and original user content, meal planning is simplified for Lori enabling her to save time and money.

ProScore System for personalized food product ratings

Meal Planner Pro simplifies meal planning and grocery shopping by including all of the packaging labels on the products, including nutritional information, ingredients lists and warning labels in its extensive 70,000 brand name database.

Meal Planner Pro’s proprietary ProScore rating system adheres to each member’s unique dietary restrictions and preferences by matching the best food products in its database to the user’s personalized dietary settings. The ProScore System also black flags products in its database that do not fit the user’s dietary profile. For Lori, that means all products that include gluten would be black-flagged and receive a score of "0" taking the guesswork out for Lori and making her grocery shopping trips easier and more efficient.

Simplified grocery shopping

One of the things Lori loves about Meal Planner Pro is how easy it is to take ingredients from her favorite recipes and turn them into instant shopping lists that she can take to the grocery store. The site's responsive design adjusts to the exact width of her mobile phone and/or tablet which lets her open her list while in the grocery store. Then simply checks items off her list as she finds them. Lori loves that the grocery lists are easily accessible and that she never forgets to buy the things she needs. She also saves money by reducing trips to the grocery store and no longer wastes money on making unplanned purchases.

Optimal meal planning solution

From meal planning to grocery shopping to eating around the table, Meal Planner Pro is the ultimate meal planning solution that saves families time and money. Meal Planner Pro provides Lori with the support she needs to make informed dietary decisions around her health. For Lori, Meal Planner Pro is not only a time and money saver, but it has also become a meal planning lifesaver.