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VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA (October 1, 2014) – Meal Planner Pro is changing the way cooking enthusiasts purchase and organize recipes in the digital age. The Internet’s most comprehensive health and wellness meal planning website announced it will provide consumers with an innovative new platform to import entire electronic cookbooks and sync all recipe content into a user’s personal Meal Planner Pro recipe box. Meal Planner Pro is launching initially with 37 health and wellness related cookbook titles from imprints across Agate Publishing, recognized as the fastest-growing independent publisher in America by Publishers Weekly magazine.

Starting today, visitors to MealPlannerPro.com can preview, purchase and read each e-cookbook, as well as import the recipes directly into their digital recipe box and add the ingredients into their electronic shopping list. Those who don’t currently have a free recipe box on Meal Planner Pro can follow a simple set-up prior to purchasing a cookbook. Users can then access their cookbook recipes on MealPlannerPro.com. Each recipe from the e-cookbook within a user’s recipe box can also be viewed in the context of the cookbook with our free online cookbook viewer.

“We are thrilled to take the recipe box to the digital frontier, so that our loyal followers and food enthusiasts can import, read and access recipes from their favorite cookbooks wherever and whenever it’s convenient to them,” said Commodore Allen, CEO of Meal Planner Pro. “Through our Agate Publishing partner, Meal Planner Pro users will now have the most comprehensive personal digital recipe box available by combining recipes from the most popular health e-cookbooks, their own recipes and recipes from across the web.”

Meal Planner Pro and Agate Publishing selected the launch list from the publisher’s extensive front-list and back-list catalogs, showcasing the robust and diverse nature of Agate Publishing's cookbook offerings. Among the authors on the list are: The complete line of 101’s; Gluten Free 101, Vegetarian 101, and Vegan 101, Diabetes Cookbooks; 1,001 Delicious Recipes for People with Diabetes, Light and Easy Diabetes Cuisine, and others, best sellers like “Vegan Indian Cooking” by Anupy Singla, Good Eating’s Best of the Best, and numerous other great titles.

“We are excited to be partnering with Meal Planner Pro to launch this new digital publishing platform for e-cookbooks. We look forward to other publishers joining this platform, making more health and wellness cookbooks available in a beautiful and user-friendly digital format,” says Eileen Johnson, EVP, Sales, Agate Publishing, Inc. “And we will continue to make new e-cookbook titles available for this platform on an ongoing basis.”

The cost to download an e-cookbook into the Meal Planner Pro recipe box will start at $9.99, depending on the title, and the purchasing process is undertaken through Meal Planner Pro's secure e-commerce platform.

Users can access the new e-cookbook offerings at www.mealplannerpro.com/ecookbooks

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Meal Planner Pro is a comprehensive end-to-end health and wellness meal planning website that offers free access to personalized nutrition tools and features, recipes, brand name grocery products, and grocery lists organized by aisle. Our proprietary "ProScore System" is designed to enable those with health conditions such as diabetes, heart health, weight management and others to more easily manage their condition through diet and nutrition.

Everything required for meal planning can now be found in one convenient location This includes 1,450,000 recipes, 70,000 brand name grocery products, nutrition facts, personalized nutrition analysis food product rating system, grocery lists, and now e-cookbooks.

Meal Planner Pro is dedicated to developing innovative digital tools and content to help people manage their health conditions and goals to lead happier and healthier lives.

About Agate Publishing

Founded in Chicago in 2003, Agate Publishing has five unique imprints: B2 Books, devoted to business-related nonfiction; Bolden Books, which publishes fiction and nonfiction by African-American writers; Surrey Books, founded in 1983 and acquired by Agate in 2006, which is focused on food, nutrition, and entertaining; and new in 2012, Agate Digital, devoted to stand-alone e-books, and Midway Books, devoted to Midwestern topics and authors with a particular focus on Chicago. Among the authors published by Agate are recent winners of the James Beard, Pulitzer, and National Book Award prizes. In 2012, Agate was recognized as the fastest-growing independent publisher in America by Publishers Weekly magazine.